Creating beautiful, liveable and unique homes.

Hey, I’m Marti – Principal Designer and Director at Martine Cooper Interior Design. We have been transforming homes since 2014 specialising in residential renovations, new builds, decoration and styling.

Our goal is to partner with you, our clients, to create beautiful, liveable and unique homes. We are also big advocates of wellness at home so throughout your journey with us, we will spend time understanding how you live and how you want to feel in the space. We then pull all this information together throughout the design process to help you create spaces that feel good and provide you with the tools to simplify your homelife.

We have qualifications and experience in Interior design, styling and organisation.  Our work has been featured in Real Living and Australian Interiors publications as well as been awarded NSW Bathroom of the Year 2017.  We also have a background in project and business management, so you can count on us to keep everyone informed throughout a project, knowing exactly where you stand when it comes to budgets and timelines. 

Overall, our promise to you is more than just a beautiful home, At MCID, we promise to:

  • Simplify the design journey as we move through the stages of your project whether it be education, managing budgets and timelines, access to our suppliers or honest design advice, we’ll always share our expertise
  • Provide you with the tools to maintain your newly updated home
  • Create beautiful experiences and moments in your home whether it be a beautiful piece of art that makes you feel happy each time you pass it, a plant wall, a bathing ritual or a comfy chair to snuggle in

Adam says;

I could sense that Marti had a strong appreciation for my lifestyle, values and the outcomes I wanted to achieve when renovating. My home now has warmth, feels connected and even feels bigger than it is. I now have a home  that is absolutely on point, it reflects how I want to live and is a place where I totally feel at peace.

Martine says:

We have worked with Adam for a few years now renovating his apartment in phases. It’s great to see him still enjoying the  spaces we transformed especially the one’s we did 4 years ago! It goes to show if you can create a home that reflects you, you will enjoy it for years to come.

Approaching your project…

Every client is unique, that’s why we start each project by taking the time to understand your individual needs, how you live and the design outcomes you want to achieve.

There’s a beautiful flow throughout our home

“We felt very comfortable with Martine from the beginning and that she was on the same page as us. 

She was very approachable, we had fun choosing the materials and she was always on the end of the phone to answer any queries and follow up with the builders.  The end result, a magnificent and functional kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. ”



© 2020 Martine Cooper. All Rights Reserved • Designed by Sommer Studio


© 2020 Martine Cooper. All Rights Reserved • Designed by Sommer Studio